Edinburgh, Scotland’s most charming city!

Why isn’t my city like that?

A day in this beautiful Scottish city and you’ll be thinking just the same thing.

Not only Edinburghis a wonderful city, but it is likely to be also the perfect city. An example of perfect organization and civil conscience of its inhabitants which has very few competitors among all other world cities. Scottish people are proud of Edinburgh, and this pride is evident in their activities.

Everything is efficient here, from bus services to public toilets cleaning, and even workmen in building sites (90% of whom are Scottish) look enthusiast and relaxed.
When you get into town you will find in every hotel and public place a free copy of brochures with the various attractions in Edinburgh. The best of these brochures is definitely Welcome to Edinburgh, edited by Landmark Press and published by the Scottish Tourist Board, which provides full information on what to do during your stay in the city, with numerous discount vouchers for some attractions like the Royal Yacht Britannia.

In Edinburgh you can breathe a relaxing atmosphere all the times, and wherever you go, in museums as well as in the numerous pubs, you are always received with a smile and a gentle phrase. In Edinburgh people will make you feel like home. There is also a consistent young population living in Edinburgh, which gives the city a joyful and footloose aspect, and you will be brought to think “if only my children could come studying here” .

As for tourist reception, all the numerous Hotels in Edimburgo have very good quality standards. And for those visiting Edinburgh with their children, baby strollers and child facilities are present in every corner of the city.

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